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So just been playing around with the layout of the blog, need to do some more sewing and crafting but life is being a pain in the neck at the moment. 

This is just a small post to let you know we are still working on becoming Technomads 🙂

Our dream home.

So I was a little down in the dumps today. Sometimes all this research hurts my brain and can be a little disheartening knowing its still a fair time before this will happen. But my wonderfully amazing wife suggested we go to an RV dealer just to have a look and get a better idea of sizes n such.

We we have found our dream home-to-be:

Sale price $30,900, MRP is $38341 -Options: -CSA -12volt heat pad (fresh water tank) -camping @ your finger tips pkg.(remote touchpad, operates pwr.jacks, slide out, awning, etc.) -LED interior/exterior lighting -living room skylight w/blind -keyless entry w/touch pad -mountain exteme pkg.(high output btu furnace, thermal pane windows, r-29 roof insulation) …Standard features: -ducted roof a/c -microwave -shock absorbers -slam latch luggage doors -front and rear stabilizer jacks -pwr.awning -aluminum wheels -day/night shades -exterior shower -sani flush -roof ladder -swivel LCD TV/DVD home theatre w/exterior speakers -battery disconnect switch w/battery saver solar panel -porcelain toilet -8cu.ft.fridge …plus many more STANDARD features!

Will need to add $2000 to have solar installed, but still need to research to see if we can get a better deal after we get it. (at least a year away.. although wifey says 6 months)

Here are 1 or 50 pics of it 🙂



Thats our Dream Home… feels so out of reach right now but it gives us something to aim for.

Off to do more research 🙂

Until next time…

More about the To Do List.

So it is proving to be a little harder than I first thought. The awesome sight I found with most of this information is still helpful but its for nomading in America but we need Canadian information on things such as taxes, voting etc. So far the only possibility’s for Canadian information are in the form of E-books that people are charging for. So I guess the preparation side of this adventure is going to take longer than I first thought. To start of with we where hoping by the fall, but that quickly changed to at least 1 year, now is looking more like 2 to 3 years which is a little hard to swallow as I want to be on the road yesterday.

Anyway, not much I can do apart from keep busy with work, research and my craft work that I have been doing. I have been getting back into making bags and jewelery again and hope that will be a way to bring in a little bit of income on the road.

I took some bags into work the other day and sold 3 of them so that makes me feel a little better about things. Here are some of the things I have made in the last week. 




Well thats it for now, time to work out what to do for the rest of the day, research or crafting. Maybe I could have a day off lol.

Until next time 🙂

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Live. Work. Dream.

In 2007, their dog Jerry was diagnosed with cancer and lost one of its legs as a result. Wanting to give him the best possible life, they sold their home and business, bought a small 5th Wheel and hit the road.

Ramblings: Tales from Nomads – Ever Miles A Memory

Pat and Cindy started planning their nomadic journey 10 years before they actually hit the road……

To do list.

Hi again, So just to let you know our idea for becoming nomads or technomads only came around about a week ago. I am still way excited about it and my wife is still nervous. So I have made it my job to research and show her that if we are prepared and gain more knowledge on the whole nomadic lifestyle, we can do it.

As I said in an earlier post, we came across some awesome sites and blogs on the subject, one of my favorite and most useful as been Technomadia they have loads of information and even and e-book that you can buy or read online. Check it out No Excuses: Go Nomadic here.

So now to my to do list, most of it is from the e-book and a few extras I keep thinking of (but may be covered in the e-book as I haven’t finished it yet)

  • Get a camper/travel trailer
  • Money on the Road, jobs and income sources
  • how can we afford full time travel
  • Traveling with pets
  • Purge out stuff
  • family aspects of nomadic lifestyle
  • nomadic romance/marriage
  • environmental nomadism 
  • community aspects of nomadic travel
  • Residency, getting mail, voting
  • Money – Banking, finances and taxes
  • Tackling the overwhelm of preparing
  • healthcare and staying healthy
  • service providers – phone – internet
  • Feeling safe
  • healthy eating/cooking on the road

So that’s the list so far. Although I have read that sometimes it is not always good to look too hard into preparation as we may scare ourselves still. I will do my best not to over do it.

Until next time 🙂



Our New SUV

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Our New SUV

Well new to us, Dodge Durango

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We are going to be Technomads!

A nomad (Greek: νομάς,nomas, plural νομάδες,nomades; meaning one roaming about for pasture, pastoral tribe), commonly known as an itinerant in modern-day contexts, is a member of a community of people who move from one place to another, rather than settling permanently in one location. There are an estimated 30–40 million nomads in the world.

Techonmads: Technology Enabled Nomads

This is my wife and I’s solution to a couple of problems, becoming techomads 🙂

To explain a little better, we have both been gypsy girls while growing up and in our adults lives. Be it due to being out of our control to begin with and growing into something more we are not sure what causes our itchy feet. Personally I thought I was over the travel bug and just wanted a place of our own, whereas my wonderful wife wanted to still travel and show me around Canada and other places. 

At the moment it may have a lot to do with the town we are in and our current living arrangement. Due to problematic housemate issues (where is our money going if utilities are being cut off?) and many past living quarter issues we decided that we would become trailer dwellers and get a camper, RV, travel trailer (in Australia we called them caravans) any kind of mobile living so we can save money to move back to BC. Our thinking is that it would be cheaper and if we don’t like our neighbors we can move. 

So one night while we where researching “mobile homes” wonderful Youtube brought us to some of these nomadic people and the life style. I was excite and kept watching and clicking on links to blogs and such and bookmarking like crazy.

So to us it looks like it could solve both problems, I get a home that I can decorate and make all nest like, my wonderful wife gets to show me the country and more.

Sadly it is going to take a little while as we just got a SUV (because we already wanted a camper/trailer) and have payments to keep up with, and we want to have some savings before we start. Oh and we need to get a “mobile home” lol. 

So first plan is to save and get a livable camper/trailer and find a campground here in town for our jobs. I need to get my license changed to a Canadian one. We have to sort through our belongings and let go of a lot. OH my so much to do.

Any way that is and update on whats been happening. I am thinking I will use this blog for our process of getting ready for nomadic living and later when we hit the road will move it to a new one, as we are going to report on our progress as often as possible.

Any ideas on a good website name?

Until next time, be good or at least good at it 🙂